Microwaves on a roll:

Since its inception fifty years ago at the University of Erlangen, Germany, the Institute of Microwaves and Photonics (LHFT) has become a worldclass center for microwave research and scholarship.

Electrical engineering as applied to microwaves und millimeter waves through the Terahertz (THz) range and on up to photonics / laser systems are at the focus of teaching and research at LHFT. On the hardware and systems side, the academic staff at LHFT deal with the entire spectrum from component level, through submodules up to fully integrated systems.

The research projects at LHFT are at the heart of many new developments and applications in the fields of medicine, transportation and traffic, residential systems and commercial enterprises. Imaging radar, broadband networks, wireless tracking systems, wireless sensors, RFID and photonics systems as developed at LHFT, are technologies we all come across in our daily lives. They are critical in medical diagnostics and therapies; they make the roads safer; they are used in smart materials and structures; they help navigate driverless vehicles; they are key to optimizing processes and to saving resources, time and energy.

We want students to gain an insight into these key technologies and to acquire the skills needed to make best use of them. Working closely with partners in business and in other research institutions, we want to push on with stand-out fundamental research and exhilarating new products.

We are very proud of our 1,000 first degree and master degree candidates; some 50 doctorate candidates; more than 750 publications; and over 100 patents. And, the institute has been honored with numerous national and international awards for its research activities.


Thanks to the quality of the institute’s research activities, our employees are rewarded on a regular basis. Here you find a short list of the most recent prices.