VDE Bayern Award 2022 for Lena Krabbe

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Rita Modl / VDE

On November 17, 2022, Lena Krabbe received the VDE Bayern Award in the category science for her master thesis. With this award, VDE Bayern honors outstanding scientific achievements every year. A complete and reliable understanding of the vehicular environment is essential for the realization of autonomous vehicles. In this context, radars play a key role, among other things because they can be used reliably even in extreme weather and lighting conditions. To achieve a high angular resolution of radar images, the principle of synthetic aperture is used, which enables high-resolution images of the vehicle environment. Until now, this has only been possible for static environment scenarios, as image reconstruction for moving objects is flawed due to additional phase variations. This makes the resulting radar images less interpretable or not interpretable at all, since the moving targets are blurred or imaged at incorrect positions. However, since especially very dynamic scenes in traffic can be very dangerous and challenging, correct and reliable imaging is essential in the automotive context. As part of her master’s thesis, Lena Krabbe developed a residual phase based method to estimate the motion of targets very precisely. She also extended the existing image reconstruction algorithm so that moving targets can be imaged correctly and with high resolution based on velocity estimation.


Learn more at : https://www.vde-bayern.de/de/vde-award-bayern/vde-bayern-award-2022