LHFT featured very prominently in the latest issue of the IEEE Journal of Microwaves

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The IEEE Microwave Theory & Technology Society (MTT-S) celebrates its 70th anniversary with a special issue of the IEEE Journal of Microwaves. On this occasion – in addition to the publications of the regular issue – selected and influential scientists from the field of microwave technology were invited to submit a special contribution to the anniversary issue.

The LHFT was thus represented with two contributions in the Winter 2023 Issue (Vol. 3) of the renowned IEEE Journal of Microwaves:

  1. Invited paper “A Tutorial on the Sequential Sampling Impulse Radar Concept and Selected Applications” as part of the journal’s special 70th anniversary issue of MTT-S.
  2. Another article in the regular issue of the journal entitled Improved Threat Detection in Walk-Through Security Scanning Using an Optimized Polarimetric Target Decomposition Method”.

More information on the anniversary, as well as the articles in the current special issue and the regular magazine, can be found in the introduction to the winter issue.