Three awards for Leonhard Hahn

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For his Master’s thesis, Leonhard Hahn was honoured with the VDE Bayern Award 2023, as well as a Baumüller master’s prize and the Fritz-and-Maria-Hofmann-Prize. In his thesis, he worked on the design, implementation and evaluation of a subharmonic super-regenerative receiver. In contrast to conventional receiving topologies, this novel concept offers a space- and energy-efficient alternative, especially for high-frequency reception signals. This technology enables the design of FMCW radars that directly receive input signals beyond the system’s technological cut-off  frequency and amplify them by means of regeneration. However, in contrast to conventional topologies, only minimal complexity and supply power is required, which makes the researched concept particularly interesting for multi-channel radar applications in high frequency ranges.

Simon Kohlhund (VDE Bayern)