GeMiC 2019: Best Paper Award

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Nicola Gollin, with the group of System Performance at DLR under supervision of Prof. Gerhard Krieger (Professor at LHFT since Marth, 1st 2019), was honored with the “Best Paper Award” – donated by the IMA, Institute of Microwave and Antenna technology e.V. – on March, 27th 2019 at the German Microwave Conference (GeMiC) in Stuttgart for his contribution “Predictive Quantization for Staggered Synthetic Aperture Radar”, Nicola Gollin; Michele Martone; Michelangelo Villano; Paola Rizzoli; Gerhard Krieger.

(on the right in the picture: Nicola Gollin, left: Prof. Vossiek, executive director of the IMA e.V.)