THz Technology

600 GHz x4 subharmonic mixer

THz technology constantly matured during the last years mainly driven by the grown availability of sensors and sources. Nowadays more and more applications benefit from the small wavelength and huge bandwidths which systems in the millimeter and THz frequency region offer. Tomographic imaging systems with sub-millimeter resolution are possible and support NDT applications e.g. document scanners in cultural heritage sciences. The high bandwidth which is easily available at THz frequencies can be used to fulfill the growing need for higher data rates in our digitalized world. Apart from the design and development of active and passive THz components which are required to build innovative THz systems the LHFT is also developing THz enabling technologies like micro-machined additive manufacturing or THz channel sounders.


Dr.-Ing. Jan Schür, Akad. Dir.

Research Group Leader: Non-Destructive Testing, Material Characterization and THz Technology