Antennas and Antenna Systems

Modern and future communication system for various applications like 5G, car2x, ultra-wideband radio links, THz communications, systems for Radar and Radar imaging, autonomous driving are all examples of our increasingly wireless world of living. Due to the wireless nature of these applications antenna and antenna systems are indispensable key components and have to be developed and designed to meet the requirements of the application. Electrical performance as well as mechanical compatibility to the underlying RF system are important aspects in modern antenna design. Modern computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools are used to develop antennas, antenna arrays and feeding networks. Digital beamforming (DBF) and mechanical scanning can be implemented for highly versatile antenna frontends.
For the characterization of antennas the LHFT runs its own anechoic chamber (6.8 x 4.5 x 2.5 m³) which allows measurements of antenna patterns up to THz frequencies.


Dr.-Ing. Jan Schür, Akad. Dir.

Research Group Leader: Non-Destructive Testing, Material Characterization and THz Technology