Best Paper Award für Matthias Gareis

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Matthias Gareis and his co-authors Patrick Fenske, Christian Carlowitz and Martin Vossiek, all with the Institute of Microwaves and Photonics (LHFT), received the best paper award at the 2020 IEEE International Conference on RFID (IEEE RFID 2020) in Orlando (USA) for their contribution “Particle Filter-Based SAR Approach and Trajectory Optimization for Real-Time 3D UHF-RFID Tag Localization”. In their paper, they presented a novel approach towards real-time capable IoT localization systems for Smart Warehouse applications. With their autonomous robot platform and a new signal processing algorithm, they were able to locate RFID tagged goods within centimetre accuracy, while dramatically reduce the computation time compared to common state-of-the-art techniques.
The IEEE International Conference on RFID is a leading global conference in the subject of novel RFID technologies.