Fiber optic sensors

Fiber-optic sensors are an attractive alternative to traditional sensor elements. They can cover long distances and allow for miniature and lightweight design, biocompatibility, and electromagnetic immunity. Based on different physical effects, excellent performance regarding accuracy and sensitivity for the measurement of various parameters like temperature, strain etc. can be achieved.
At the institute of microwaves and photonics the research in this field focuses on quasi-distributed fiber Bragg grating-based multipoint sensors and scattering-based distributed sensors. Integrating concepts known from radar, such as coherent and incoherent optical frequency domain reflectometry spatially resolved measurement are possible. Supported by appropriate sensor signal processing methods using model-based compressed sensing or new machine learning approaches outstanding sensor solutions are developed and implemented.
The close cooperation with industry partners helps us to define requirements for sensor systems and allows us verify the performance in an industrial environment as well as to integrate them into digital sensor networks.
The exchange with other research institutes constitutes an enduring source of innovation.