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Robotic & Unmanned Vehicle Laboratory

For the testing of localization and navigation concepts, the LHFT uses six mobile Pioneer robots by Adept. Developed especially for research in all types of terrains these powerful robots offer a mobile and flexible platform for the test-system, allowing for precisely chosen trajectories and providing accurate odometry data for sensor fusion. Furthermore, two multi-copters serve as testing platforms for UAV localization or UAV-based Synthetic Aperture Radar.


To study new high precision wireless localization algorithms the LHFT is also equipped with two Stäubli 6-axis robots, which can also be utilized for material inspection and characterization of arbitrarily shaped objects. The two robots can operate fully synchronized offering a positioning accuracy in the sub-millimeter region. The positioning is software controlled to provide a collision free operation.


Dipl.-Ing. Ingrid Ullmann, M. Sc.

Johanna Geiß, M. Sc.