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Network & Spectrum Analysis Laboratory

The institute has an excellently equipped VNA laboratory with two on-wafer-probe stations. “True Mode” differential 2-Port measurements are possible up to a frequency of 67 GHz. 2-Port measurements reaching from 10 MHz up to 110 GHz can be done in a single sweep (Agilent PNA-X 67 GHz with frequency extender) incooperating 1 mm coaxial connectors. The on-wafer-stations allow for a temperature dependent characterization of DUTs in the wide range from -40°C to 120°C. Conventional 2-port VNA measurement equipment is available seamlessly up to frequencies of 500 GHz in the designated waveguide bands of WR-12 (60 – 90 GHz), WR-10 (75 – 110 GHz), WR-6 (110 – 170 GHz), WR-5 (140 – 220 GHz), WR-3 (220 – 325 GHz) and WR-2.2 (325 -500 GHz) [according to EIA designation]


Dr.-Ing. Jan Schür, Akad. Dir.

  • Job title: Microwave and THz Components
  • Phone number: +49 9131 85-27237
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