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    The institute is equipped with excellent laboratory facilities. Here you find a short overview of the available instruments and labs.

    Overview of the Main Measurement Equipment

    • 8-port full duplex Vector Signal Transceiver (VST) up to 6 GHz with a Bandwidth of 80 MHz (based on NI PXIe‑5645R)
    • Phase noise measurement with AnaPico APPH20G for signals up to 26 GHz
    • Signal and spectral analyzer up to 8 GHz (R&S FSW-8)
    • 2-Port VNA with complete frequency coverage up to 500 GHz (e.g. Rohde & Schwarz ZVA with ZVA-Z90/110/170/220/325/500)
    • Differential “True Mode” 2-Port network analysis / Single-Ended 4-port analysis up to 67 GHz (e.g. Agilent PNA-X 67 GHz)
    • Spectral analysis up to 850 GHz
    • Noise measurements (incl. 1/f-Noise)
    • Materialcharacterisation up to 325 GHz
    • Antenna measurments
    • Modular Mixed-Signal-Testsystem
    • Analysis capability of signalintegrity issues and signalpath characterization in time and frequency domain
    • Time domain measurements reaching to the pico second range
    • PCB measurements for signalintegrity and material characterisation

    • Quasi-optical measurement instrumentations up to 2.5 THz
    • Electromagnetic field sampling system
    • THz-Short pulse system (Menlo Systems Tera K15)

    • Development and fabrication of dielectric waveguides
    • Development and fabrication of refractors and mirrors
    • Development and fabrication of polarisation gratings
    • Laser structuring of microwave PCB laminates
    • Electro plating shop
    • Bonding station
    • Powerful micromechanical work shop

    • Optical spectral analyzer 600 nm … 1700 nm (e.g. Yokogawa AQ6370)
    • Broadband tunable laser sources (e.g. Agilent 81600)
    • Super-continuum white light source (Koheras SuperK Compact)
    • Erbium-doped fiber amplifiers, ytterbium fiber laser, femtosecond fiber laser
    • Fusion splicers for standard and specialty fibers (Ericson FSU995, Fitel S176 + S183)
    • Polarisation measurement instrumentation, Stokes polarimeter
    • Optical power detectors from UV to FIR, from 100 fW up to 200 W
    • IR beam diagnostics, beam quality measurement